Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A.R.T. 2015 is Here!

The 2015 Artisans Road Trip is organized and ready for it's 12th year as the premier artist organization/event in NW Iowa!  

The 2015 artist members are as follows: (to learn more about each artist click on their name)
Joanne Alberda
Tim Anderson
Sue Biederman
Beth Morris Cathcart
Cherie Courter
Joleen Dentlinger
Glenda Drennen
Mitch Eveleth
Kathy Evert
Linda Fries
Danielle Clouse Gast
Hank Hall
Connie Hankens
Ken Harskamp
Judy Hemphill
Marie-Louise Kierscht
William Lieb
Deb Yellick Manly
Irene McCoy
Barb McGee
Tim Arand-McIlrath
Sarah Morphew
Bruce Morrison
Mel Myers
Ron Netten
Diane Noll
Gene Polson
Perry Polson
Haley Rothstein
Karen Ruddy
Marisa Sidles
Mavis Simms
Paula Streeter
David Strom
Holly Zinn

2015 has many things in store for the Artisans Road Trip!  Its not just about the big autumn studio tour that A.R.T. has built upon, but also the many exhibits throughout the year!

A.R.T. 2015 will be exhibiting at many area and regional galleries and art centers this year, including the LeMars Art Center during the month of May, the Witter Gallery (Storm Lake) during the month of June, Arts on Grand (Spencer) from late September through October, the Pearson Lakes Art Center from early October through December, and the Clear Lake Arts Center from mid January through February in 2016.

In the meantime the artists of the 2015 Artisans Road Trip are working hard in their studios to bring their best work forward throughout the year - many are open year-round - check out their web sites and Face Book pages, and other means of viewing and even purchasing their works via the links above with each individual artist's name or visit the 2015 Artisans Road Trip web site at - http://www.artisansroadtrip.com!

Look no further for the best in ART in 2015!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Clear Lake Arts Center A.R.T. Exhibition!

Many people may not realize it but the artists of the Artisans Road Trip participate in fine art gallery exhibitions throughout the year.  Many such exhibits become area traditions and the Clear Lake Arts Center is one such noted venue. 

17 Artisans Road Trip artists are being represented in an outstanding exhibit at the Clear Lake Arts Center in Clear Lake, Iowa this month and next!  The artists involved in this year's exhibit are: Barb McGee; Beth Cathcart; Bill Lieb; Bruce Morrison; Linda Fries; Danielle Clouse; David Storm; Dennis Dykema; Glenda Drennen; Joanne Alberda; Joleen Dentlinger; Judy Hemphill;  Marisa Sidles; Mitch Eveleth; Perry Polson; Sue Biederman and Timothy J Arand-McIlrath.

Get a glimpse of the artwork by the top artists in NW Iowa at the CLAC from January 15 through February 28th!  Plan a road trip and enjoy some great works - call the CLAC at 641 357-1998 or e-mail clac@netins.net for more information! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Artisan's Road Trip Call To Artists!

The Northwest Iowa Artisans Road Trip is more than just an open studio tour. For the people following the Tour, it’s a chance to get out on a fall weekend to meet local artists in person, see the studios where they work, ask questions about their motivation, watch demonstrations of techniques, and of course, purchase new artwork for their collections. 

For the artisans involved, the Road Trip is a powerful networking and marketing opportunity. Not only can you personally connect with a wider audience, you also get to know the other artists on the Road Trip through group exhibitions and meetings. In 2015 alone - A.R.T. has 5 exhibits scheduled throughout the year!

Nowhere else can you get the effective advertising and promotion implemented across so many venues (newspapers, radio, television, regional gallery exhibitions, a comprehensive website and regularly updated blog, and more) for the price of the annual registration fee. 

The A.R.T. Directory and Tour Guide brochure alone has been cited by many artisans as a direct cause of sales. Full-color brochures are sent out each year by mail and distributed to Iowa Welcome Centers, public libraries, cultural centers, restaurants, motels, and retail establishments throughout the area. A.R.T. is organized and run by artists for artists. Together we work to increase art exposure, introducing new art styles to the community and new customers to local artists.

Are you an artist? We want you to join us!

To join the 2015 Artisans Road Trip just download the 2015 application form at the 2015 A.R.T. web site at http://www.artisansroadtrip.com/prospectus.htm or contact any of the contact names listed there.

Make 2015 your best ART year yet!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 A.R.T. Artist Haley Rothstein Featured in Red Rock Center For The Arts Exhibit!

Examples of work that can be found at the
"Home Bound" exhibition by Haley Rothstein
(top left - clockwise) - 
"Paragraph 1-4" - ink and graphite, 
"Orange Tree" - acrylic painting, 
and "Dash" - digitally colored drawing
(click on image for a larger view)

2015 Artisans Road Trip artist Haley Rothstein of Windom, Minnesota will be having a solo exhibit at the Red Rock Center For The Arts in Fairmont, MN during January.  Haley, a new member to the Artisans Road Trip, had worked for several years as the Gallery Director at the former A Piece of Work, Inc. in Spirit Lake, IA.

The artist's exhibit "Home Bound", is described as a collection of paintings and abstract drawings.  The exhibit will contain select pieces of Rothstein's work from the last 5 years, in mediums of acrylic paintings, digital paintings, and ink and graphite drawings. 
Haley states that while her degree is in photography, and the majority of her expertise is with Adobe Photoshop, her first artistic love has always been drawing cartoons and comics. While growing up, she would create new characters, give them personalities and stories, and draw them every single day. In college, Haley set aside her cartoons to learn more technical skills and focus on the more “serious” art of photography. After college she no longer had access to a darkroom, and found less and less time for photography. 

Haley started painting her “joyful figures” in 2010. The feeling she wanted to convey was a mix between cute and disturbing. The initial idea was of a simple monster with no face – just teeth – making the shape of a heart with its fingers. As she kept painting them, the figures became more stylized with brighter colors and happy grins.

Haley's paintings began to change around the time she met her husband. Haley started surrounding herself with tree-related art, began painting abstracted trees, sometimes with birds or people. Her love for trees stems from a craving for a history or “roots” someplace. Because she came from a military family and moved across the country a couple times, she states she lacks a long-term history that she can recall with friends: “Hey, remember the time…”

The "Home Bound" exhibit artist reception will be held Saturday - January 10th from 1:30-3p.m. and is open to the public.  The Red Rock Center For The Arts is located at
222 E. Blue Earth Ave., Fairmont, MN 56031 and you may contact the center at 507 235-9262 for more information, or visit their web site at www.redrockcenter.org.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Artisans Road Trip Artist Bruce Morrison at Clear Lake Arts Center Exhibition

(top to bottom)
 "M12 Bales" - photograph, "Sun Dogs and Barn" - photograph, 
"Summer Memories" - oil painting
Images © Bruce A. Morrison
(click on image for a larger view) 

2014 Artisans Road Trip artist Bruce Morrison was invited by the Clear Lake Arts Center to participate in the exhibition "Salute to Agriculture".  

Morrison works in several different mediums, from photography to painting, drawing and serigraphy. His subject matter is the landscape and flora/fauna of the tallgrass prairie region of NW Iowa.  "Agriculture was the biggest benefactor of the prairie soil and it certainly becomes a frequent subject in my landscapes as well.", says the artist.

The "Salute to Agriculture" exhibit is being sponsored by Sukup Manufacturing and runs through March of 2015. 

Morrison and his wife Georgeann live on a small prairie remnant in SE O'Brien county where Bruce works from a brooding house/sheep barn studio they remodeled some years back - retaining the "character" of the building's past (in keeping with its agriculture heritage).  You can learn more about the artist by visiting - www.morrisons-studio.com

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Artisans Road Trip Artists and "Art on a Card" Exhibit!

Artwork such as these can be found at the "Art on a Card" exhibit
at Arts on Grand! Images - top left clockwise - "Poinsettia" - watercolor - ©Anita K Plucker, "From My Window - Winter" - watercolor - ©Anita K Plucker, "Winter Hay Rake" - photograph - ©Bruce A. Morrison, and "Winter Along the Little Sioux" - color pencil drawing - ©Bruce A. Morrison
Four of the artists from the 2014 Artisans Road Trip will be featured in the upcoming "Art on a Card" exhibit at Arts on Grand in Spencer, Iowa in December! Exhibiting with other juried artists are Anita K. Plucker, Glenda Drennen, Joleen Dentlinger, and Bruce Morrison.

Arts on Grand invited artists to submit a winter theme image from which they then  feature as a printed card for purchasing - from each artist.  During the "Art on a Card" exhibit, the participating artists also exhibit other works on a winter or seasonal theme for the Christmas season.

"Art on a Card" will run from December 1st through 31st at Arts on Grand.  There will be an artist reception on Thursday December 4 from 5-7pm - the reception is open to the public.

Take in "Art on a Card" if you get a chance, and get into the Holiday Spirit!

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving out there!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Open Studio With 2014 A.R.T. Artist David Strom!

Click on the above image to view Poster!

2014 Artisans Road Trip artist David Strom is having an open studio on Saturday November 22nd, from 5-7 p.m.  The artist's studio is located in Windom, MN at 2025 Cottonwood Lake Drive.

The artist's open studio is being held as part of  "Local Color", sponsored by the University of Minnesota SW Regional Sustainable Development Partnership.

Check back again for more on artists of the 2014 Artisans Road Trip!