Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014 Artisans on the Map!
Locate your favorite artist participating in the 2014 Artisans Road Trip!  All Maps are "drawn" and linked up to your favorite artist or that artist you always wanted to visit!

Just visit and click on the homepage "Map" link.  Artists are spread out through the Iowa Great Lakes region, all the way down to Storm Lake and through Spencer, Terril, Estherville, and the Peterson and Sutherland/Hartley areas!

Actually you may visit these artists any time of the year, their contact information is on each individual's web page on the 2014 A.R.T. web site - But be sure and plan a fun studio tour outing this October!  Saturday and Sunday - October 11th and 12th!

Enjoy the 2014 Artisans Road Trip!

Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 A.R.T. Artists Juried Into "Weather Permitting"!

A sampling of artwork from "Weather Permitting"!
(Copyrighted work of the following artists - upper left/clockwise:
Anita (Katie) Baedke-Plucker, Judy Hemphill, and 'bottom' Bruce Morrison)
-click on image for a larger view-

"Weather Permitting" - an exhibit with several A.R.T. artists participating, began this week at Arts on Grand in Spencer, Iowa! This is a great exhibit - who needs to dwell on "just" winter now?!  This exhibit has it all - fair weather, stormy weather, after the storm, cold weather, warm weather, you name it and it is fun!

2014 Artisans Road Trip artists participating in "Weather Permitting" are - Joanne Alberda, Robert Ansorge, Judy Hemphill, Barb McGee, Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath, Bruce Morrison, and Anita (Katie) Baedke-Plucker.

"Weather Permitting" has an public opening reception on Thursday, March 13th from 5-7 p.m. and the exhibition runs through April 5th.  

Contact Arts on Grand for more information!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Improvisations" Exhibit by 2014 Artisans Road Trip Artist Joanne Alberda!

"Still Life Cherries"
Artwork © Joanne Alberda

2014 Artisans Road Trip artist Joanne Alberda will be exhibiting "Improvisations", An exhibition of photographs and fabric collages at the Witter Gallery in Storm Lake March 4 to 28, 2014.

"Ball Game"
Artwork © Joanne Alberda

"My work can be described as a translation of everyday images into an aesthetic format. The viewer’s attention is at first attracted to images of common subjects from nature…leaves, flowers, seed pods, cocoons…but quickly moves to the rhythms and textures and colors of the formal arrangements of these images."

Artwork © Joanne Alberda
Three groups of works will be shown under the theme of Improvisations: "Improvisations on Nature", "Tales from a Ghost Town" and "Games".

For more information about this exhibit, contact the Witter Gallery, 609 Cayuga Street in Storm Lake, IA at 712-732-3400 or via e-mail:

Check back again to find out more about the artists, exhibits and activities of the 2014 Artisans Road Trip!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Artisans Road Trip Artists Announced!

A sampling of Artists participating in the 2014 A.R.T. Event
(From upper Left - Clockwise: Daniel Clouse, Perry Polson, Marisa Sidles, Mel Myers, William Lieb, Mitch Eveleth, Robert Ansorge, Glenda Drennen, and Center: Sue Biederman)
(click on image for a larger view)

The artists for the 2014 Artisans Road Trip have been announced!

They are as follows - listed under their names, medium(s) and locale:
1.   Marisa Sidles - Painting, Terril 
2.   Ron Netten - Potter, Storm Lake 
3.   Judy Hemphill - Photography, Spencer 
4.   Beth Cathcart - Pottery - Linn Grove 
5.   Timothy Arand McIlrath - Abstract Compositions, Okoboji 
6.   Barb McGee - Painting, Peterson 
7.   Linda Fries - Watercolor, Peterson 
8.   Ken Harskamp - Watercolor, Ida Grove 
9.   Joanne Alberda - Collage & Stitched Fabric, Sioux Center 
10. Robert Ansorge - Photography, Storm Lake 
11. Sue Biederman - Painting, Drawing, Everly 
12. Danielle Clouse - Painting, Okoboji 
13. Mel Myers - Pottery, Spencer 
14. Pettina Perkins - Painting, Anthon
15. Dennis Dykema - Painting, Spirit Lake  
16. Anita K. Plucker - Watercolor, Terril 
17. Diane Noll - Jewelry, Linn Grove 
18. Bill Lieb - Abstract Sculpture, Spirit Lake 
19. Joleen Dentlinger - Pen & Ink Drawing, Storm Lake 
20. Bruce Morrison - Painting/Photography, Hartley 
21. Karen Ruddy - Multi-Media/Beaded Painting, Emmetsburg
22. David Strom - Pen & Ink/Painting/Collage, Windom, MN 
23. Mitch Eveleth - Pen & Ink, Estherville
24. Glenda Drennen - Watercolor, LeMars 
25. Perry Polson - Woodturning, Spencer
With many returning artists and some new participants, we're looking forward to another great year!
Check back often for more about the Artisans Road Trip 2014!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A.R.T Artist Karess Knudtson Exhibits at Arts on Grand!

Arts on Grand in Spencer Iowa is hosting an exhibit  titled "Natural Encounters", a solo exhibit by Artisans Road Trip Artist Karess Knudtson.  Karess resides with her family in the beautiful countryside along the Little Sioux River in Milford, IA. Karess studied art and worked in the art department at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She graduated from Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Virginia Tech with a Masters of Arts in Education.

"Four on Screen" 
artwork © Karess Knudtson 

The creative process has been a very important part for the artist, for as long as she says she can remember. The art pieces that Knudtson currently works with are all original and hand-worked. Each begins with her photographs and evolves into a mixed media piece of art. The photos are digitally and physically manipulated. Some pieces are then created with an upcycled “canvas” which might include barn wood, metal remnants and other “historic” reused materials. Encaustic painting with beeswax adds yet another dimension of beauty and protection. The selected artworks are mixed media - photographs and encaustic paintings.

"Better by Far"
artwork © Karess Knudtson

"Natural Encounters" began showing at Arts on Grand January 7th with the exhibit running through March 1st,  Arts on Grand will be having an artist's reception on Thursday, February 6th from 5-7 p.m. - the public is invited!

For more information on the artist's work you can visit her website at -
Be sure to take in "Natural Encounters" in Spencer at Arts on Grand, and visit us again here for the Artisans Road Trip!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Artisans Road Trip Exhibit at the Clear lake Art Center!

The Artisans Road Trip is exhibiting their works at the Clear lakes Art Center, in Clear Lake, Iowa from January 15th through February 28th.  

Although this is a 2014 showing, the A.R.T. artists are from the 2013 membership, but with many new works on exhibit!  The new 2014 membership will be determined through a jurying process later this month.  A.R.T. invites any interested artists to apply by visiting the web site and downloading the application form at - or by contacting one of the organization's members to have a form mailed to them, by calling 712 732-6286!  Its not too late to get in on the action and excitement of the 2014 Artisans Road Trip experience!

To find out more about the A.R.T. showing at the Clear Lakes Art Center, contact the center at 641-357-1998.  The Center's hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and is located at 17 South 4th Street in Clear Lake!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year from A.R.T.!

The artists of the Artisans Road Trip would like to wish everyone out there a very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR! 

Be sure and watch this blog and check out the A.R.T. web site often throughout the year for A.R.T. exhibits and events!  And if you are an artist (or may know one) that would like to participate in the 2014 Artisans Road Trip - be sure and download the application from the website at the following link - or call or e-mail one of the A.R.T. members listed on our website's information page -
and they can mail an application to you!

See you in the New Year!