Sunday, March 21, 2010

A.R.T. Artist Bill Lieb

"Charting A Fix"
wall sculpture by William Lieb

Today we'll meet William Lieb, one of the 35 artists taking part in the 2010 Artisans Road Trip! Bill's statement from the A.R.T. web site page describes his work as "Sculpture in metals, woods and plastics that engage and energize the human spirit".

"Whistling For Wind"
wall sculpture by William Lieb

Let's meet Bill Lieb and his work!

Bill - "I am preparing new work for my scheduled one-man exhibit at the Pearson's Lakes Art Center this October 14 through December 31, 2010. Most all of my past art pieces have been in the form of pedestal-displayed interior sculpture and large exterior public sculpture."

"Gathering Our Wits"
wall sculpture by William Lieb

"Recently I have been constructing large wall reliefs as part of a series I am calling
my 'Cruising Series'...... inspired by a five-year sailboat adventure where Jane and I cruised in our small sailboat from San Diego, California to Ft. Meyer, Florida via the Panama Cannel. Generally the reliefs are each around 5' wide x 3'-8" high x 10" deep and weigh about four pounds. They are constructed of 1/8" thick Baltic birch plywood and are finished with acrylic paints."

Wow! Be sure and visit Bill's upcoming exhibit this year - as well as the Artisans Road Trip!!! You can also view Bill's work on the A.R.T. website or Bill Lieb's website!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Destination ART!

Autumn during A.R.T. is sublime!
(photo from the Ridge & Tallgrass region of the tour)

The Artisans Road Trip is a destination driven tour, and the fall is a beautiful time of the year to have destination choices this good!

The regions for A.R.T. are broken into 4 regions: Iowa Great Lakes, Prairie Wetlands, Ridge & Tallgrass Prairie (personal favorite :), and Beautiful View.

Iowa Great Lakes, of course, entails both East and West Okoboji and Spirit Lake and the immediate areas nearby. The Prairie Wetlands comprise a band of region south, east and west of the lakes with Spencer being the unofficial hub. The Ridge & Tallgrass Prairie region is that wonderful undulation of hills and valleys south and west of the wetlands. And the Beautiful View is the southern most region with Storm Lake as the hub.

For a wonderful outing, great art, and an awesome destination - put the Artisans Road Trip down for your trip itinerary next Autumn!