Sunday, April 11, 2010

Faye Wilson - From the Road Trip!

With this new Artisans Road Trip blog we visit with Faye Wilson, Watercolor artist from rural Cherokee, Iowa. I don't know about you but I find it fun learning about all these artists in this year's Artisans Road Trip! Here's Faye -

"This is my studio/spare room. It's great to have a place to leave my art stuff out. In October last year my sister and I moved into an old square farmhouse with my cat Purl. Most of my days are spent working as a floral designer in Cherokee, but when I get a few spare minutes I come here to paint. My dad gave me a desk ,but I always seem to gravitate to the floor it just seems more comfortable and I can really spread out."

"Right now I'm working on a portrait of Purl. Her favorite activities include sleeping, eating flies and drinking my paint water if I'm not looking! In my job I get to use my creativity every day, but with my art work I only have to please me, not any particular customer."

"The last painting was painted while I was snowed in (one of the blessings of living in the country)! Just what you need on a cold winter's morning - coffee and a warm sticky cinnamon roll. Baking on a cold day (or any day) just seems like home and it brings me comfort after a long week at work."

Join us again in the near future and spend a snipit of time with an artist from A.R.T.!!!

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