Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spotlighting Artisans Road Trip Artist Diane Noll


This 2010 Artisans Road Trip highlight is of Artist Diane Noll.  Diane writes an introduction of herself - meet Diane...


"I live on River View Ranch northeast of Linn Grove, Iowa.  The Little Sioux River and Bluebird Creek bring water to our Texas Longhorns that graze on the hills, on both sides of Bluff Street.  The best time to see the calves is late afternoon.  We are still calving (at the time she wrote this note) - the boys win with 20, while the girls are at 7.  What's up with that?!  

 I grew up 5 miles south of Estherville.  I dug blue glacial clay out of the creek bank and made various things; now I make animals out of fiber, clay, and potter's brownstone clay.  I also make beads out of clay that is fired twice.  I texture them with things I find in nature.  I like using natural stones and silver in making jewelry.  Right now I am making turquoise and silver necklaces.  

I just finished making a baby colt and a longhorn calf our of fiber clay.  I am also finishing touching up an oil painting of the river here.  I paint with oils or water colors and draw with color pencils."

Thank you Diane!  Stop by again the next time you're in the neighborhood and see the artists of the 2010 Artisans Road Trip.  And don't forget to check the 2010 A.R.T. web site as well!

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