Monday, November 8, 2010

Artisans Road Trip 2011!

 The first weekend in October, our traditional date in past years, will be the date for the Artiusans Road Trip 2011!  Representative artists from A.R.T. met last week to discuss this year's road trip and all the business and work involved...discussing what worked and what needs tweaking, etc.  The Artisans Road Trip actually began starting on Friday afternoon the past two seasons, and we'll be retaining that Friday afternoon as the spring board into the the 2011 A.R.T. event dates will actually be Friday September 30, Saturday October 1, and Sunday October 2.

We'll be posting information on the A.R.T. homepage (soon), reflecting this, as well as posting more information for new artists who may want to apply for the opportunity to participate in the Artisans Road Trip 2011...this "prospectus" will be updated and ready in the weeks ahead, so check back to the A.R.T. website for this information in the near future!

The A.R.T. 2011 website can be found at and you can forward any questions or concerns to the email addresses given on the web site or even through the comment section on this blog - be sure and post an email address we can reply to.

Put A.R.T.2011 on your calendars!

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