Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Artisans Road Trip Artist - Bill Lieb

Out Artisans Road Trip artist spot light this week is on Spirit Lake sculptor Bill Lieb. Bill discusses his latest public art project -
"I am in the process of constructing another public sculpture. This one is for installation on 4th Street in downtown Sioux City as part of the "Sculpt Siouxland" program, a juried event designed to promote sculpture and downtown Sioux City.  The finished sculpture will be installed May 14 and will be on display there for one year. This is the fourth year I have had a sculpture accepted into this exciting program.


The sculpture is an eight foot tall abstract penguin balancing a spinning beach ball on it's nose.  What is a penguin balancing a spinning beach ball on it's nose doing on 4th Street in Sioux City? Good question! It seems there is a new cloud hanging over our lives today. Do you feel it too? It is the realization that everything on our globe is interconnected to everything else and the whole mess is in a very delicate balance. Change in any one area can force changes in other areas. What happens in the Antarctic or in the Amazon or in Greenland can impact change right here in Iowa. And what we do here can effect what happens there. What is the appropriate behavior for us? How should we relate to our environment in a responsible, sustainable way? These are questions raised by the sculpture titled “Do We Care, We Do Care”.  The represents a metaphor for nature and our response to nature.

On the horizontal surface of one of the penguin's wings are the letters of three words cut through the aluminum. Because of the way the words are positioned and viewed, the message is not discernible.  But as the sunlight passes through the cut-out letters and falls on the sidewalk, the words revealed there appear as a bright sunspot message in the shadow of the sculpture. The message "Do We Care" is arranged in a confusing way and can also be read as "We Do Care". The interpretation is up to the viewer.

Short video of the finished piece!

The beach ball is constructed of curved fins that allow the breeze to spin it around its vertical axis. This movement will compel the passerby to interact with the sculpture and, hopefully, walk away with a more enlightened view of the world.

The images I have included are of a model of the sculpture. Construction of the final sculpture is mostly complete now except for final welding and painting of the beach ball, and grinding a finish on the penguin's body." 

That will be fum to see when it's complete Bill!  

Join us again for another artist spotlight on the 2011 Artisans Road Trip!

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