Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 A.R.T. Artist Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath

© Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath
This entry for the 2012 Artisans Road Trip is featuring artist Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath! Tim is a retired Art Professor from Iowa State University. He spent 34 years there, teaching two and three dimensional design studios as well as studio classes in all aspects of fiber art. His artwork has been shown in local, state regional, national and international venues.

"Folk art has long been an area of interest for me. I have researched and collected folk art in all my travels.I have spent extended visits to Mexico and in particular to the Oaxaca area. The color, texture and freedom of expression have fascinated me for many years. There is an incredible excitement in the work of folk artists.

© Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath

I have been “accused” of having too much fun creating my art. Not possible in my world. Having fun is one of the prime motivators in my work. I love having viewers smile. I smile a lot while I am working on my art.

In my two dimensional pieces, the backgrounds are painted with acrylic paint and sometimes embellished with found objects. The foregrounds have crocheted web introduced onto the compositions.

"Swooped (side view)"
© Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath

The three-dimensional pieces are usually constructed out of willow branches and are many times painted or varnished. The found objects and crocheted yarn inhabit the structures.

Color, texture, repetition, and pattern have always been strong elements in my work. The compositions are based on my observations of the world around us.

Recently, in an attempt at simplification, I have chosen to title my art work with one word titles.

My work is regularly available for sale at Art on 16th Gallery in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

It is always my hope to elicit pleasure from my viewers."

Join us again for another entry for the 2012 Artisans Road Trip!

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