Friday, November 9, 2012

2012 A.R.T. Mel Myers

Hand Carved Pottery © Mel Myers

Artists of the 2012 Artisans Road Trip are all gearing up for the holiday season!  This week we are highlighting Mel Meyers!

Mel is continually working on new glazes and forms of his hand thrown, hand carved pottery. His colors range from a nice, lively green (popular for the Christmas season), to warm earth tone glazes of browns and golds. He has had recent fun making flower frogs and vases that hold water for fresh cut flowers. His bowls and covered oven dishes have been popular for use at Thanksgiving meals as they keep the food nice and warm for the second helpings.

Mel has been working with pottery for over thirty years -- all in Spencer, so he is a home town, northwest Iowa artist whose work can be found in several galleries.

Mel welcomes people who stop by his studio, which
is open for business daily at 717 11th Ave. East in Spencer. Be sure and stop in and see his most recent work!

For more information you can contact Mel at - 712-580-2529.

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