Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"COME TO MY WINDOW" - Solo Exhibit by Anita K. Plucker, 2014 Artisans Road Trip Artist!

watercolor ©Anita K. Plucker
"COME TO MY WINDOW" is a new solo exhibit by Anita K Plucker!  The exhibit will be held at the Nobles County Art Center, 407 12th St. in Worthington, MN.
watercolor ©Anita K. Plucker
"This exhibit offers insight as to what matters to me....what is important to me....and what inspires me to create my watercolor paintings and colored pencil drawings,"states the artist.

 watercolor ©Anita K. Plucker
"At the top of the list is nature, all forms of it. I am in awe of nature and am grateful for the wonder I feel for it. When I am immersed in it, the real me rises to the surface and life's chaos melts away..... for a while. Nature literally reveals and soothes my inner spirit. I especially love the peacefulness of being out on the water in my kayak. Usually with camera in hand, I am able to capture scenes of nature up close. For the last five years, these outings have led me to create a body of work titled, "From My Kayak"., focusing on the designs, the patterns and the textures created as nature and man play with the surface of the water. I find myself almost constantly looking at my world through an invisible viewfinder, studying and analyzing the light, the shadows, the composition, all of which triggers something inside me to consider what I am seeing as a painting or drawing."

Exhibit Opening & Artist's Reception: Sunday, June 1, 2-4 pm

Art Center hours are 2-4:30 weekdays.

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