Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015 A.R.T. Artist Announced as Recipient of Iowa's Art EMC 2015 Corporate Purchase!

Artisans Road Trip artist Bruce Morrison's Art EMC 2015 artwork selection shown above -
top "July in the Valley", center " Along the Southeast Corner Fence Line", and bottom "Creek's Bend" all oil paintings © Bruce A. Morrison
As the Artisans Road Trip starts getting closer, one A.R.T. member had a bit of a last minute "distraction", but a good one!  Bruce Morrison has just been notified that he has been included in a corporate purchase by EMC Insurance Companies for the second time in a row.
Although it began in 2005 - 2013 was the first year that A.R.T. artist Bruce Morrison  heard about EMC Insurance's program to support the arts in Iowa...they have a program called "Art EMC" and every 2 years they put the word out to Iowa Artists that they will purchase an undeclared number of works from Iowa Artists that year for their Corporate Art Collection.  Not only that but they leave the purchasing up to the voting via their employees - which really makes it even more unique!
Art EMC 2013 artwork selection
"Medford Avenue Bridge" oil painting © Bruce A. Morrison
In 2013 Morrison submitted 3 pieces of work for consideration and the EMC employee vote honored him with the purchase of his painting "Medford Avenue Bridge" for their collection...they have since used that painting to illustrate their Art EMC program online and in their brochures.
This year the artwork specifications had changed slightly and Bruce only had 3 paintings available that met the criteria so he entered all 3 pieces.  During the summer he was apprised that his work had passed through each voting period but no word as to which painting might have been the vote getter...until last week when Morrison was told a decision had been made and he was one of the finalists.  
When Bruce asked the 2015 Art EMC Art Coordinator Caitlin Stewart Westcott which piece the EMC employees had selected she said, "Well, this is a bit unusual but - all 3!"  "We have 2,200 employees from all over the country vote on this and to have that many votes for all the work in an artist's submission is unheard of - they really like your work!" "You now have more work than any other artist in our corporation's Art EMC collection."
Morrison's reaction was, "I'm very happy to say the least and a bit overwhelmed!" The A.R.T. artist made delivery of the paintings in Des Moines this week and now will need to plan a return trip back to EMC in November when they will have a dedication of all the artwork that has been purchased for the EMC Corporate Art Collection through their 2015 program.
Thanks for stopping by the A.R.T. Blog - stayed tuned, the 2015 Artisans Road Trip is getting even closer and some A.R.T. exhibits are about to be announced!

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