Thursday, January 14, 2016

Artisans Road Trip Artists on Exhibit at Clear Lake Arts Center!

A sampling of artwork showing in the
January-February exhibit at the Clear Lake Arts Center
(upper left - clockwise - Bruce Morrison, Timothy J Arand-McIlrath
Barb McGee, Linda Fries, Cherie Courter, Judy Hemphill and Marisa Sidles.)
All artwork © the respective artists.

The Artisans Road Trip has its first exhibition of the year!  Showing at the Clear Lake Arts Center; the exhibit began last Friday on January 8 and runs until Saturday, February 13.

This exhibit is actually the final exhibition for the artists participating in the 2015 Artisans Road Trip - soon we will have the 2016 A.R.T. group organized and will be looking forward to the new exhibition schedule for 2016! 

This is what is unique for the Artisans Road Trip - there are events and exhibitions lasting throughout the entire year, so be sure and look for what's new with A.R.T. in the region!

Be sure and take in the Clear Lake Arts Center exhibit - a great respite to enjoy during the cold months of winter...warm up with some great art! 

Hope to see more of you in 2016! 


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