Friday, February 19, 2016

The 2016 Artisans Road Trip - Ready for a Great Year!

New, and some returning past members, will make up a very 
diverse 2016 A.R.T.!  From upper left - clockwise - 
Tootie Powers, Avis Davis, Crystal Cross, Kathryn Buckley, 
Judy Thompson, Anita Plucker, Pam Harp, Mary Jo Daniels, 
Lissa Potter, and Linda Hopkins. 3 center - from left to right - 
Lee Rainboth, Tammy Hoppe and Roberta Williams.
(All artwork copyright by respective artists.)

The 2016 Artisans Road Trip is geared up and ready for another great year!  This year finds 41 artists - many of whom are new to the organization and several returning from a hiatus of past years, as well as many other long time returning members!

Introducing 2016 members: 

Avis Davis, Spirit Lake,IA
Barb McGee, Peterson, IA
William Lieb, Spirit Lake, IA
Joleen Dentlinger, Storm Lake, IA
Haley Rothstein, Lakefield, MN
Glenda Drennen, Sioux City, IA
Perry Polson, Spencer, IA
Holly Zinn, Spirit Lake, IA
Connie Hankens, Cherokee, IA
Anita Plucker, Terril, IA
Gene Polson, Marcus, IA
Danielle Clouse Gast, Spirit Lake, IA
Sarah Morphew, Estherville, IA
Mel Myers, Spencer, IA
Mary Jo Daniels, Estherville, IA
Tootie Powers, Spirit Lake, IA
Sue Biederman, Everly, IA
Marisa Sidles, Terril, IA
Mitch Eveleth, Estherville, IA
Lisa Potter, Spirit Lake, IA
Lee Rainboth, Marcus, IA
David Strom, Windom, MN
Ken Harskamp, Ida Grove, IA
Tammy Hoppe, Arnolds Park, IA
Judy Thompson, Orange City, IA
Kathy Evert, Okoboji, IA
Pam Harp, Alton, IA
Linda Hopkins, Arnolds Park, IA
Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath, Spirit Lake, IA
Cherie Courter, Storm Lake, IA
Hank Hall, Spirit LAke, IA
Judy Hemphill, Spencer, IA
Ron Netten, Storm Lake, IA
Roberta Williams, Arnolds Park, IA
Karen Ruddy, Emmetsburg, IA
Crystal Cross, Lake Park, IA
Bruce Morrison, Hartley, IA
Joanne Alberda, Sioux Center, IA
Irene McCoy, Milford, IA
Linda Fries, Peterson, IA
Kathryn Buckley, Spirit Lake, IA

Looking forward to the Artisans Road Trip events of 2016!

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