Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016 A.R.T. Artist Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath's Mixed Media Fiber Art Featured in Sioux Center, IA

 "Unsquared" - pieced fabric, chrocheted yarn -  copyright Timothy J Arand-McIlrath
Timothy J Arand-McIlrath's Mixed Media fiber art will be featured in the Garden Cafe at Sioux Center Health, Sioux Center Iowa for the months of April, May, and June.
"Entwined I & II" - acrylic paint, crocheted yarn - copyright Timothy J Arand-McIlrath
In the two dimensional pieces, the backgrounds are painted with acrylic paint, surface designed fabrics, and recently recycled fabrics from garments, sometimes embellished with found objects. The foregrounds have crocheted webs introduced onto the compositions.  Color, texture, repetition, and pattern have always been strong elements in the work. The compositions are based on my observations of the world around us.

(Gallery installation) - copyright Timothy J Arand-McIlrath

Folk art has long been an area of interest for me, as a source of inspiration. I have researched and collected folk art in all my travels.I have spent extended visits to Mexico and in particular to the Oaxaca area. The color, texture and freedom of expression have  always fascinated me.

I have been "accused" of having too much fun creating my art. Not possible in my world. Having fun is one of the prime motivators in my work. I love having viewers smile. I smile a lot while I am working on my art.

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