Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Tim Arand-McIlrath - "A Fiberartist Journey- 50+Years of Making Fiberart"

Tim Arand-McIlrath has an exhibit of his work currently on view at the Clear Lake Arts Center, Clear Lake IA. The exhibit "A Fiberartist Journey- 50+Years of Making Fiberart" will be on view through Oct.3, 2017. 

Fiberart has been my artistic expression for most of my life. Color, texture and the "feel" of fabric have always been important to me. In an undergraduate printmaking course, I was first exposed to the idea for printing on fabric. My graduate study led to exposure to many possibilities for making fiberart. My skills as a print and dye artist developed, as well as being exposed to the creative uses of crochet. 

My journey as a fiberartist has had four sections.  I began my creative exploration using photographic images and repeat pattern to screen print textiles. My artistic output included primarily yardages, hangings and quilts. 

The need for more dimensional work led me to feltmaking. My use of feltmaking included felting wool fiber unto wool fabric, producing highly textured surfaces because of the shrinkage. The concept of layering and exposing under layers was a major part of my journey with felt. 

Initially, my interest in building three dimensional forms came from the need to learn basketmaking for my teaching. I began building forms, then began inhabiting the forms with crocheted webs and eventually incorporating found objects. 

Upon retirement I took a break from art making but eventually my artistic nature led me to begin again, starting with painting but quickly led to using crochet to embellish the painted surface. Eventually I began revisiting my screen printed fabric and adding crocheted surfaces to create new artistic exressions. I found myself being really attracted to the many different approaches that are used to create fabric for clothing. This led me to recycling fabric from garments as backgrounds and creating new environments using crocheted yarn over the fabric backgrounds. 

I have had an incredible "love affair" with fiber and fabric and see myself keeping on creating new artwork as long as possible.

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