Monday, November 21, 2016

Artisans Road Trip Preparing for 2017 - Call for Artists!

The Artisans Road Trip is now busy preparing for 2017.  Each year A.R.T. opens the organization and "event" up to artists of the region for the next season!  Each year the Artisans Road Trip consists of many events throughout the entire year - scheduled exhibits and the noted Autumn weekend event itself.  Also, member artists are spotlighted weekly for their personal exhibits and artwork through the year, as well as having their own web page for exposure to the public.

A Call for Artists!  Are you, or an artist you may know, interested in taking part in the 2017 Artisans Road Trip?  The Prospectus for the 2017 A.R.T. is now available for downloading and applying to become a part of the 2017 organization and events!  Simply go to the Artisans Road Trip web site ( and scroll down to the Prospectus notice!  Or go directly to the Prospectus right HERE and fill it out and send it in for consideration!  The application fee is completely refundable to anyone who is not accepted for this coming year.

Be a part of a highly regarded group of regional artists and show throughout the year in area exhibits plus the big autumn weekend event!  Make 2017 YOUR Year!


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