Thursday, February 23, 2017

Deborah Burow - New Artisans Road Trip Artist for 2017!

 Artwork ©Deborah Burow
(click on the image for a larger view)
Deborah speaks about  a recent workshop she held: 

Breaking all the rules is harder than you think.

6 weeks of an art class that was designed to help each artist break out of their paint box
proved to be harder than we thought. All those rules about staying in the lines, matching colors to life forms, painting what your experience tells you is successful---all those known entities make us feel comfortable.  And maybe a little static.  But the class managed to get past the rules and create FREELY.  Flowers never looked so fun. Wild colors, free-form shapes...unlimited imagining...

Each artist used their own style to begin, next they tried new concepts, created backgrounds, and then started painting over them. That was the hardest part. We all wanted to save our masterpiece backgrounds, but they were created to enhance the final stages of the art pieces.  All uncharted territory. All were brave moving from small canvases to larger sizes and bigger images.

We started with backgrounds, taped off some of the design and continued to paint over the top. So hard to cover up those delicious colors and shapes. And such fun removing the tape as we progressed with layers of painting.

We had fun using an app to display our paintings life size, on the wall of real rooms. You can see YOUR own art; use the link http://www/

All asked about future classes. I will email when new sessions start; visit my website -, and sign up for the email on the home page.

All instructors of art classes know the value to us personally of teaching classes. Classwork prep causes us to work hard, too. As we work on the same assignments as our students, we experience first-hand the struggles and joys they are experiencing.  Above are several of the pieces I created right along with all the other artists in class.  I always learn so much from each person. Thanks so much everyone. You were each an inspiration to me. 

Join us again for more on the artists and exhibits of the 2017 Artisans Road Trip!

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