Monday, May 31, 2010

Artisans Wendell and Diane King

"The farm studio is fairly humming with all the spring activities. Corn is up and the beans are in the ground. On rainy days you will find Wendell in the studio creating new designs for the upcoming show season. It starts in earnest in a couple weeks, with "Summer of Arts" in Iowa City -

His latest design is so large it may never see a show. The stone is a beautiful “Blue Stone” large enough that to move it he needs a car engine wench, not my wimpy arms. So I guess we’ll see how many shows it makes it to. You can check out the 2010 show season at our website -

Crops and tables are not the only thing happening on Peony Farm. A new roof on the house was put on the first of May. We had a great group of hard working guys, removing several layers of shingles and applying the new roof. They left hardly a trace that they'd been here. My hat off to them; our plantings (which are many) survived because they took such great care. Tim Hamrick from Everly was the team leader, he comes highly recommended.

We had much company the month of May. Some staying in the Gallery, which is a new choice. Yes, you can rent it for a night or two. I may even make you breakfast. So to say it's a B&B well maybe. Not sure I can get my head around all that entails. For a stay in the "Quohouse" (Quonset House) give us a call or check us out at

The creation of new pieces of jewelry are always at hand. Using lampwork, stones, pearls, crystals and tons of seed beads. One of the new ones contains Snakeskin, Jasper, Amozonite and Lava Rock with a sterling clasp. I love the muted colors.

Seed beads dominate these two pieces. Working and learning a new stitch, is something I love doing. It has a rhythm, whether it's color or stitching. Most of my pieces are inspired by color and texture. Needing to have all supplies within eye sight is very important to the process. s a result my space is a mess, at least to other people.

We invite you to stop by and visit us anytime. A visit may include a glass of wine under the pergola!"

There you have it! Stop by again for another entry in the 2010 Artisans Road Trip Blog!

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