Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Perry Polson - Featured A.R.T. Artisan

Kristen's Ash by Perry Polson

Near the south end of Grand Avenue (north of the river) in Spencer Iowa, you'll find Perry Polson hard at it in his studio - Wild Wood Gallery & Turning Lab. Perry is an artist of wood...he takes wood and creates some amazing things with it in his turning lab!

Here is a short excerpt from Perry working on a project. Perry had run into a piece of elm that included some surprises and took some persistence...

barbed wire - who knew?!

2 fencing staple as well!

But finely finished - after the battle!

"After a bit of a head scratching its finely done and is a very dramatic piece and being Elm its hard as a dickens let alone the (STEEL REINFORCEMENT) Ha Ha ! And after all that the sale fell through due to some over sight of my own of course . But as they say live and learn so I'm not planning on letting that happen again any time soon. I only hope that someone else finds it to be a piece that they can't live without!

Looks pretty amazing to me, Perry!

Stop by again and meet the artists of the 2010 Artisans Road Trip!

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