Monday, March 5, 2012

2012 Artsans Road Trip Artist Bill Lieb

In this 2012 A.R.T. blog we meet veteran Artisans Road Trip artisan Bill Lieb from Spirit Lake; here Bill speaks on his latest current work!

 "Last month we finished our newest public kinetic sculpture and temporarily installed it in our driveway to test its stability and action in heavy winds. The sculpture is titled "Wind Time, when time is controlled by the wind".  It is fourteen feet tall overall and weighs over eight hundred pounds. Its galvanized, pyramid-shaped base is ten feet tall and fabricated from one-half inch thick steel plate. The top three kinetic sections are made of re-purposed stainless steel. Each of these rotates and modulates in a seemingly haphazard manner in response to changing wind conditions. This can have a mesmerizing effect on the viewer. The permanent location for  "Wind Time" will be determined at a later date.

To watch "Wind Time, when time is controlled by the wind", click on the video below!

In the distant past we cruised on a small sailboat for five years. During that time we became intimately connected to the wind and experienced it's profound influence on our daily lives. Whatever we did at that time was done in concert with the wind. For me, in an abstract way, this sculpture depicts wind controlling time. Each person viewing the sculpture will undoubtedly make his own connections. "Wind Time" is the tenth public sculpture we have constructed and displayed over the past six years."
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