Saturday, August 31, 2013

2013 Artisans Road Trip Artist Barb McGee

watercolor - ©Barb McGee

Every artist has their methods of working and dealing with the creative process each day.  Here we visit 2013 A.R.T. artist Barb McGee dealing with the daunting process of "revisiting" a painting she had set aside at some point in time - and come out with positive results!

"I was digging through a pile of old painting the other day and stumbled upon this one.  I call this pile my bone pile, you know when a painting just didn’t make me happy when I was done with it that is where it goes.  Well, for some reason I pulled this one out of the pile.  I took it to my painting table and tweaked on it for about two hours.  Most artists know what it means to tweak.  It means to go in and enhance some areas and maybe soften some others.  I this case I went in and deepened the color in the throat of the lily and deepened the blue gray shadows on the petals.  After I had finished the flowers I went to the background and totally reworked it.  Because the painting is watercolor I was rather surprised at how easy it was to move the dark green around.  I lifted some of the paint to form leaves and I blotted some of the areas so that it created a dappled look.  Now I have named the painting 'Resurrection!!!' because it was indeed resurrected from the bone pile. "

Thank you for visiting the artists of the 2013 Artisans Road Trip!  Time is beginning to draw near - its only 5 weeks before the A.R.T. weekend!  Be sure and put us in your autumn trip and weekend plans - the 10th Anniversary of the Artisans Road Trip! 

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