Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 Artisans Road Trip Artist Linda Fries

 watercolor painting
©Linda Fries

This visit to the 2013 Artisans Road Trip posting brings us a few words of insight to the medium of watercolor from watercolor painter Linda Fries-

In music, relationships, and art it has always been the blend. That harmony of elements. The fun of it as it comes together to complete everything. 

Watercolor seems best mixed. Often as another tint is added to a color, even you are surprised as you did it. A mind of it's own. Never dull. We think we know what we want on that sheet of 300 wt unyielding space on the easel, then it changes plans, taking us into parts unknown. How can anyone not love the trip! We put the stroke there, yes and miss the mark too often, but watercolor even corrects that....for the most part....we hope.

I consider myself a painter, not an artist. Obviously it 's hard to take it seriously when it's this entertaining. Maybe some day. Maybe not.

The trees. Joyce Kilmer writes: ".....only God can make a tree.". Then I have to paint it.

- Linda Fries

Thank you Linda!  And thank you for stopping by, please check back again for more about artists from the 2013 Artisans Road Trip!

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