Thursday, August 27, 2015

Deb Yellick Manly - "Serendipity: Marks of Inspiration"

 "First Love" - artwork - ©Deb Yellick Manly

Deb Yellick Manly will open with her solo exhibit "Serendipity: Marks of Inspiration" at the Witter Gallery on September 4, 2015!

The 2015 Artisans Road Trip artist explains - "My body of work combines a love of lettering, words, and design with explorations of layered art mediums. As an artist, I find intrigue in the Interactions of line, shape, color and pattern and am captivated as I explore various combinations and interpretations.

 "Love is a Relief" - artwork - ©Deb Yellick Manly

My art pieces investigate themes of reflection and inspiration. Past and present collide with an eye to the future embodying change and new growth. Love is a constant. Some pieces may be considered traditional, whereas many of the works represented in this exhibit use letters, words, or text as a springboard for creating more abstract combinations.

Tools and materials used for my creations usually include combinations of gouache, ink, transparent watercolor, acrylics, watercolor pencils, markers, colored pencils, gel or metallic pens, markers and/or unusual accents. I often will create paste paper backgrounds for a more colorful surface to work on. I especially enjoy working with metallic gouaches, markers, and/or interference acrylics on black surfaces.

 "Love like a Quilt" - artwork - ©Deb Yellick Manly

Although most of my works are two-dimensional, some pieces incorporate surface variation. I have recently begun to construct geometrical forms, incorporating unique surface design, that may be considered decorative and functional."

  "Repose" - artwork - ©Deb Yellick Manly

"Serendipity: Marks of Inspiration" runs from September 4 through 25th; there will be a closing reception on Friday September 25th.  The reception is open to the public and runs from 5:30 - 7pm.  Contact the Witter Gallery in Storm Lake, Iowa for more information! 

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